Premiera Novara

The Premiera "Novara" is a beautiful rolled bridle with a soft lined low patent nose-band. This bridle has been designed and tested for months in cooperation with a number of incredibly experienced horse trainers. The bridle is totally adjustable with the buckles behind the ears. It also comes with reins and a brow-band with Crystals™.

This Premiera bridle is also made from very supple quality leather and is completely handmade. The “Novara” is available directly through selected Premiera resellers and comes in a variety of colours.


  • Gorgeous quality rolled supple leather
  • Luxurious white low patent nose-band
  • Bling brow-band with real Crystals™
  • Silver-coloured accessories
  • Cheek pieces and reins come with blind closures
  • Divided headpiece
  • Comes with rolled woven reins