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Premiera "Savona"

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Premiera Savona

The Premiera "Savona" is another first on the market, since this is the first bridle with low patent nose-band, bling brow-band and anatomically shaped headpiece! The Premiera “Savona” is a beautiful half-roundsown bridle with soft lined low patent nose-band and a very soft anatomically shaped headpiece. For this bridle we have only used the best quality leather, and of course this bridle has been handmade by professional leather workers with a focus on detail.

The bridle has been made completely symmetrical, meaning there are buckles at both sides of the head to adjust the nose-band, throat lash and cheek pieces. This means the bridle is very well adjustable. It also comes with a bling brow-band with real Crystals™!


- Luxurious soft lined patent drop nose-band
- Half-roundsown
- Very soft anatomically shaped headpiece
- Beautiful supple quality leather
- Bling brow-band with real Crystals™
- Symmetrical bridle so adjustable on both sides
- Includes roundsown woven reins
- Very luxurious feel

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