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Premiera "Rome"

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Premiera Rome Stang en Trens hoofdstel

The Premiera "Rome" is a luxurious roundsown bridle with a wide soft patent nose-band. The bridle is available in 2 sizes and has been tested on multiple horses with the sizes cob and full. This makes the bridle perfectly adjustable and it will definitely fit your horse well.

The Premiera "Rome” double bridle is available in black or brown with the possibility of a white lined nose-band.

The Premiera "Rome" double bridle is made of very supple leather with great finish, and the patent finish of the nose-band is better than other products on the market today. Here, the Premiera designers have also really listened to the wishes and needs of the best riders.

So the Premiera "Rome” is that one roundsown bridle you have been waiting for, the bridle your horse deserves!

- Double bridle
- Wide patent nose-band
- Supple and soft quality leather
- Soft lined nose-band
- Available in 2 sizes: cob and full
- Incredibly well finished
- In the colours brown and black
- White lined nose-band possible
- Luxurious feel
- Handmade

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